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Eat what makes you feel good about yourself

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Who We Are

Microgreens By The Sea is an awesome indoor farm located in the seaside village of Winthrop, MA. We cultivate a variety of high quality microgreens. Our greens are grown indoors in a cozy grow room where it is 80 degrees year round with air humidity just around 40%. It feels great to spend time in the grow room as this place is free of any kind of pesticide, insect, or pollution. Our goal is to contribute to the health, well-being and sustainability of our local and neighboring communities. At Microgreens By The Sea we do what we love, and we love what we do.


Microgreens are super easy and fun to eat; it's like sprinkleling confetti on your meal. They are loaded with nutients, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fiber and plant protein. They will boost the nutritional value of your sandwich, salad, wrap, smoothie, juice, soup, and stirfry. Microgreens are perfect for an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, they have  superior flavor compared to the their "adult versions."  Allow yourself to indulge in the fascinating taste of these tiny plants.

Indoor vertical farming is the future! Microgreens are grown significantly more sustainably compared to conventional agriculture practices. They use a fraction of water, a very small amount of land, and they don't need fertilizers or pesticides. These chemicals don't even exist at Microgreens By The Sea. Locally grown foods not only result in less pollution from transportation, but they also guarantee a fresher, tastier  and longer lasting product. You know fresh is always best. We deliver tasty and fresh microgreens all year long.


My name is Ramon. I'm originally from Brazil, I'm married to a fantastic human being and I am a father of two amazing kids and a super cute dog. People often ask me, "how did you get into growing microgreens?" And my answer is, "because I love plants!" 

There was a time in my life when I spent several months "tuning in" as deeply as I could, trying to figure out what success meant to me.  As I dug into an old shoebox full of family photos, I found this picture. It was at my dad's Cacau Farm in Bahia, Brazil. I was about 8 years old, I had a slingshot around my neck, no t-shirt  and at this time, I still had hair! I remember asking my mom to take a picture of me and my beautiful bean crop. I remember I was extremelly happy and proud of those little greens leaves that I had planted all by myself. This photo reminded me what I truly love to do.  Direct contact with nature gives me joy and happiness.

There is an expression that says "Success leaves tracks," and indeed it does!  So after staring at this picture for several minutes I asked myself, "Can I plant something and make a living out of it? That's it!" I said, "I am going to be a farmer!" Microgreens are considered a superfood, and they are also super fun and exiting to grow; even kids love them!

Everybody has a different idea of success, but for me, success is finding something that you  absolutely love to do and finding a way to do it for living. Once you find out what that is and manage to make a living out of it, in my opinion you will be a sucessful person!

It would be my pleasure to be your local farmer and provide you with fresh, delicious and nutrient- dense microgreens.

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